The risk of miscarriage is highest during the first trimester of pregnancy, which is 12 weeks. It is, however, possible for a woman to miscarry in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.

You’ve just found out you’re pregnant; it’s an exciting time, you can’t wait to start telling friends and family when the time is right, you’re already thinking up design concepts for the nursery, and are looking forward to what the future has in store. Unfortunately, not all pregnancies go to term. When this is the case, this is known as a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. Miscarriage affects as many as 15% to 20% of recognized pregnancies, while some women may also miscarry before they were even aware that they were pregnant.

Dr. Ali Ghahary is a Family Physician in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. http://www.alighahary.ca

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