Health Benefits of Eating Low-Carb

If you have been looking to implement healthier food choices into your diet, Dr. Ali Ghahary, a family doctor in Vancouver, BC, Canada, recommends choosing foods that are low in carbohydrates.

Unlike fad diets, which are only designed to have short-term results (and can actually be detrimental to your health), long-term low-carb diet plans are actually proven to be beneficial for your health. Low-carb diets have been linked to better control over blood sugar and insulin levels, a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, improved cognitive performance, as well as reduced hunger and quicker weight loss.

By avoiding carbohydrates and sticking to a low-carb diet, we significantly reduce (and sometimes completely eliminate) glucose from our bodies. When there is no carbohydrate-related glucose left, our bodies then begin to burn stored fat, which results in losing weight. One example of this is a ketogenic diet, which focuses on consuming foods that are strictly designed to help burn fat. Some examples of fat-burning foods (and beverages!) include chicken, beef (make sure it is grass fed), kale, cauliflower, grapefruit, chia seeds, broth, green tea and whey protein.

While a ketogenic diet is considered to be the more extreme of low-carb diets, there are plenty of other low-carb diet options out there. The South Beach diet, for example, happens to be one of the most popular low-carb diets around, and focuses more on slowing down the body’s digestion by consuming foods that are high in protein, high in fibre, as well as vegetables and legumes. Another low-carb diet worth trying is the Paleo diet, with its focal point being on your overall health. A paleo diet consists mostly of grass-produced meats as well as omega-3 fatty acids, and excludes sugar, salt, dairy and grain products.

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Dr. Ali Ghahary is a Family Physician in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Dr. Ali Ghahary is a Family Physician in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.