Five Foods For Good Health

As many as 6 million Canadians require supervised help in dealing with their weight, and 1 in 4 adult Canadians are diagnosed with clinical obesity. While eating a healthy diet is beneficial in weight loss and weight management, it can also aid in other aspects of your life. Below is a look at five different foods that can boost your health.

  1. Kale
    Kale contains Vitamin K; a vitamin that isn’t as commonly discussed such as Vitamin C or B, but one that still plays a vital role in your health. As a fat-soluble vitamin, it helps to prevent excessive bleeding, makes your bones stronger, and can prevent heart disease. If you don’t like kale as a standalone food, try incorporating it into foods you do enjoy such as salads or smoothies. You can even make kale chips. A recipe can be found by visiting Other Vitamin K-containing vegetables include carrots, cabbage and cucumbers.
  2. Salmon
    Salmon is rich in protein, Vitamin D, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Combined, these nutrients can regulate blood pressure, keeping your brain and heart healthy, and reducing inflammation within the body. Salmon can be cooked in a variety of delicious methods.
  3. Walnuts
    Walnuts contain fibre, a plant-based nutrient that can help with food digestion, lower cholesterol and prevent certain diseases. Other nuts such as peanuts, macadamia nuts and almonds are also nutritious and contain many antioxidants that are beneficial to your health.
  4. Garlic
    Garlic has very few calories and can be incorporated into almost any meal. Studies have shown it to combat certain illnesses such as the common cold, reducing symptoms by as much as 50%. Garlic can also help to reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels and bone health, as well as prevent dementia.
  5. Quinoa
    Quinoa is a grain that is high in nutrients such as magnesium, fibre and protein. It can be found on many restaurant menus and is often chosen as a substitute for rice.

For more diet-specific information, visit Dr. Ali Ghahary on Wordpress and Blogspot. You can also connect with him on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



Dr. Ali Ghahary is a Family Physician in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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